Hinter den Kulissen, Weinprobe

Meisterzimmer - what are we doing there?

Our focus is on individual, often homemade interior design. No cooking islands and design classics - but stubborn buildings, industrial repertoire and contemporary art in studios with brick walls and huge windows. We are enthusiastic about interior design that doesn't look like it.

Our apartments are furnished like holiday apartments, there is always a separate bathroom and a kitchen or kitchenette. Beds, towels, W-Lan, a minibar at midi prices and lots of space for creativity and holiday feelings.
You may award the stars yourself.

The Meisterzimmer - an art project to spend the night in.

Hinter den Kulissen, Tischtennis

What particularly interested us in building was to give each of the 4 Meisterzimmer its own profile.
The first room is the one with the longest history. Everything that can be found today is the result of the joy of building. Living in a room in which you can build and dismantle things as you wish and whose charm lies precisely in the fact that you can live entirely on a building site at times, led to the very fixtures that can be found today. Most of the furniture remains from the time when cotton was still spun and the master stalls were furnished with imitation leather armchairs. What we produced in art or exchanged with friends, we hung up.
With Meisterzimmer #2 we had a completely different starting situation. A sober room with no recognizable history in an unusual format, 16m long. Transforming this room into one that is good despite the not so easy conditions was a nice challenge. We thought of it as one in which art would play a major role. And this is also our approach to the other two spaces: not to see art as something that enhances or decorates an already finished space, but to help design the spaces for the artworks.
To build pedestals that can be used by the guests as a stage or a place to flit, but that are also space for a sculpture.

Spinnereihof im Gegenlicht

The Meisterzimmer are not a hotel and have no reception. But we would like to offer you a good service and make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Would you like to book a spinning tour or a drawing circle course for your children? Or maybe explore the city by bike? We will be happy to help you plan your trip in advance. Shortly before your arrival we will inform you with always up-to-date restaurant and nightlife recommendations, cultural and shopping tips, and of course everything you need for a good journey. You will receive an access code for the room door and can check in whenever you like. A travel guide and the current city magazine Kreuzer are available in every room. We are also happy to be on the spot and available for your wishes.

The spinning mill was and is a place of inspiration for us. There is a wonderful community of creative people, self-employed people and visitors. Have a look at the page "Spinnerei" to get an insight.
We would like to share with you some of the sense of freedom that the spinning mill has always radiated to us. Welcome to the Spinnerei!


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